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Simply having a knowledgeable attorney review
your loan documents can give you a better result.


Susan Gaddy

Ultimately, we seek to provide each client with advice and solutions that deliver satisfactory resolution, peace of mind, and a real solution to their legal needs.


Mortgage and Bank issues:

Mortgage Foreclosure Defense
Defense of Supplemental Proceedings (Collection of Judgments)
Loan Workouts and Modifications

Loan Modifications

Why Consider a Loan Modification?
What is a Loan Modification?

The Gaddy Law Firm Practice Areas

Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Litigation

You may be in the midst of a foreclosure and are unsure how to handle such a situation on your own. We fight for our clients!

By working with an attorney who is skilled in mortgage foreclosure defense, you will have a better outcome than taking no action. Often, simply having a knowledgeable attorney review your loan documents will give you a better result, and generally the more experienced the attorney the better able she will be to defend you against a lender.

This area of the law is constantly changing. Court opinions have profound effects on how to approach defense of foreclosure lawsuits. All 50 states' Attorneys General are investigating the mortgage lending industry. The federal regulators and Congress are investigating the mortgage lending industry. Because we focus in this area, we monitor changes in laws and regulations that can affect borrowers.

Loss Mitigation

The Supreme Court of South Carolina issued its May 9, 2011 Administrative Order that requires a bank's law firm to offer a loan modification process to ALL owner-occupied residences. We will guide you through this process before or during foreclosure litigation.

Our experience is that during a foreclosure case, our clients often have frustrating experiences with their lender. Because of the lender's often contradictory and conflicting information, it is prudent to have an experienced attorney at your side. We straighten out the confusion. We assist our clients with presenting the strongest possible case for a loan modification that is customized and in the best interests of the client.

The optimal time to have your attorney approach a lender is immediately upon finding yourself in difficult financial straits. We work with you to create a comprehensive evaluation of your circumstances and we will work with your lender in order to modify your loan so that you can get back on your feet and have peace of mind.