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Loan Modifications

Why Consider a Loan Modification?
What is a Loan Modification?

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Loan Modifications

Why Consider a Loan Modification?

Many Borrowers have fallen behind in their mortgage payments. A loan modification can be the answer in finding relief to past due payments, rising payments, and potential foreclosure. If you are facing this situation, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your legal options in saving your home or giving you time to work out a satisfactory option.

What is a Loan Modification?

A loan modification is one tool for a financially-distressed homeowner. In specific cases, the Supreme Court of South Carolina requires the bank’s law firm to coordinate a loss mitigation process before the bank can foreclose on your house!

We handle these cases every day and fight aggressively against your bank regardless of the last date of payment. Many of our clients have gotten frustrated with their banks and need the assistance of a skilled and experienced attorney who can facilitate this process. We fight for Borrowers against Banks and Loan Servicers. Often we see legal defects in the foreclosure lawsuit that can be resolved through a loan modification or settlement.

Why Select The Gaddy Law Firm?

We have many out of state clients who own property in Charleston and Berkeley Counties that rely on us for local representation. When you are out of town, it gives you peace of mind to have a lawyer where the property is located.

For legal help with a loan modification or foreclosure defense contact us at our Mt. Pleasant office today!