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Charleston-area law enforcement help escort body of slain Florence County deputyThe Gaddy Law Firm, LLC salutes law enforcement

Charleston, SC — October 23, 2018

Charleston-area law enforcement help escort body of slain Florence County deputy

The Gaddy Law Firm, LLC salutes law enforcement and our first responders who keep us safe. We honored Florence County Sheriff's Investigator Farrah Turner here. We closed our office on October 23, 2018 as she made her final journey from Charleston to Lake City. Attorney Susan Gaddy's father Clifford Gaddy is native to Lake City. Read More...

What We’re Seeing

Partition law.  What’s that?!

When 2 or more people own real estate together and 1 wants to sell but the other doesn’t a partition lawsuit is the answer.  A partition lawsuit also applies if the co-owners cannot agree on a fair ownership percentage.  The South Carolina court system will make these decisions in a court order to determine the rights of the parties, whether to have a public or private sale and sort through the disputes concerning land.  

We have a Partition statute that has changed in the past few years.  It’s a complex area of real estate law to apply a process for handling land issues that has existed for hundreds of years.  People have always had land disputes.  It’s not technology.  It’s about fairness, known as equity. Sometimes people just can’t work out their legal problems involving land.  We can help you with that.

We have recently concluded a successful partition case involving a house in Mt. Pleasant.  The case went to trial. The judge ordered the property to be sold.  While our client wanted to resolve the issues without a lawsuit or a trial, it was the only way to go.  We are pleased to offer these services to our clients drawing upon experience in the court system, real estate, family law and probate law.  Each case is different and the facts of each situation determine the outcome.


What Our Clients are Saying

  • Having someone go the extra mile made me feel much better about a foreclosure matter against a series of large banks I was handling [for a Kiawah borrower] for more than 5 years. Ms. Gaddy’s high standards and attention to detail made the process and result something I can look back on happy that I was involved. I felt lucky to find Susan Gaddy. She wanted to know more than all the experts involved and the Judge’s order indicates that she did. It was a tremendous relief. [read more]
    – Damian Falcone
  • Our experience with Susan Gaddy has been excellent. Our family was on the verge of getting evicted by the HOA where the house title was taken from underneath me and put under the HOA. [read more]
    – William Wilson, Moncks Corner resident
  • Susan Gaddy believes in what she does. She stands up for her clients. We appreciate all of the work she has done for our business through the years.
    – Bill Rice, Charleston resident, President Universal Products, Inc.
  • Wow, we never could have imagined how well things turned out with SunTrust. We've all heard the horror stories. We never could have gotten here without your guidance and expertise.
    – Dunes West couple in Mt Pleasant, Loan Modification with SunTrust
  • Susan Gaddy did a fabulous job and we sincerely appreciated her efforts as well.
    – Ann Kiewiet, Closing Coordinator and Licensed Realtor, Charter One Realty, Hilton Head Island, SC
  • Susan runs a first class operation and we are lucky to have her in the Lowcountry now especially in this economy.
    – Stephen Skardon, Executive Director, Palmetto Project headquartered in Mt. Pleasant